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Print, 2019

A collection of different posters designed over the years. Each design is unique and connotes the event it was designed for.

This "New York" poster was designed to compliment the custom type that was created as part of my Core Typography studio at Parsons. Drawing inspiration from the Art Deco styled buildings that New York is famous for, I designed a custom typeface mimicing the lines of the Empire State Building.

Designed for The New School, this poster was designed as a feature for the "Six Weeks to Success" event happening during the Fall 2018 semester. This brutalist type poster was designed to grab attention whilst pragmatically displaying the event information.

"Everything happens for a Reason". Designed for my Core Interaction Studio at the Parsons School of Design, the poster features a quote that is very close to me. Using a custom typeface and detailed textures, I attempted to create a 'depth' in the poster that connotes the depth of the quote itself.

Also designed for The New School, this poster was made for the "Done is Good" event during Fall 2017. The colors and design drew inspiration from cotton candy, which was an intergral part of the event.

Designed for my Advanced Typography studio at Parsons, this poster tackles the very challenging task of redesigning Coachella's event poster. The main challenge for this poster was to pragmatically layout the 50+ artist names for the Coachella music festival, whilst also maintain the "vibe" of the music festival itself.

Designed for my Integrative Studio (#1) at Parsons, this poster was designed to reflect the feelings of a close friend or peer. Captured in this poster, is one of my best friends, and his struggle, awe, and ambivalence in a country that is nearly 8,000 miles away from home.

Also designed for my Integrative Studio (#1) at Parsons, this poster was designed to reflect on a (then) current world event. This poster attempts to capture the horror of the series of bombings conducted on Syria in 2016.

Designed for my Core Typography Studio at Parsons, this poster was designed to compliment the Type Specimen design for the typeface, "FF Bua", which was designed by Christian Schwartz and licensed by the FontFont Foundry.

Click here to see the Type Specimen.

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