Shivam Sinha
Creative Coder,
& Thinker.

Currently a Designer
at Work&Co

Future Internet,
Motion, 2019

A short animated explainer video that introduces and discusses our current centralized web. Tracing its history from ARPANET to Web 2.0 (our current internet) and then going on to discuss the future of the internet — Web 3.0: A decentralized web based on P2P and Blockchain technology.

Made under the guidance of Shira Inbar

01 — Inspiration:

To represent the different phases of time in the explainer, I decided to use the different UI elements from those phases. Windows 98 representing the past, MacOS elements representing the present, and cheesy futuristic graphics that we've now come to expect as the future.

02 — Storyboard and Stills:

While I initially experimented with different ideas, I was set on the idea of animating these different UI elements. I ended up going in this direction as it felt more appropriate to the topic, and since this was an explainer, this aesthetic and style of animation almost felt like a youtube tutorial.

Select frames from the final animation. Watch it below.

04 — Final Animation:

The final animation is the culmination of these ideas. Representing the different phases of time in the history of the internet: past, present, and future. Voiceover by Eli Lederberg

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