This website is meant to serve as a demonstration of about information (data points) you give away on an average day-to-day internet interaction. While this website does not collect or fingerprint data from you, numerous other website on the internet do, and freely giving away this much information is a breach of your right to privacy.
Prevent Data Collection
There are several ways to anonymize your data and minimize the amount of data that is collected on you. Here are some tips:
  1. Surf Anonymously Online
    If sites can’t see you, they can’t really track you and this is exactly where anonymous surfing can be useful. There are many ways to surf anonymously online, but proxy services and virtual private networks (VPNs) are among the most popular as they hide your IP address – your unique identifier on the internet.
  2. Delete Third-Party Cookies
    You should block or delete all third-party cookies to put an end to some of this tracking. This can be done by delving into your browser’s settings, or by using cleanup tools like CCleaner which deletes all cookies by default!
  3. Use Privacy Extensions/Add-Ons
    Since your browser leaks information to sites that can be used to track or identify you, using a privacy-focused extension or add-on should stop that from happening. I’d recommend trying HTTPS Everywhere (encrypts your communications with sites) and Privacy Badger (blocks invisible trackers, spying ads, third-party cookies, and browser fingerprinting).
  4. Privatize Your Searches
    Use a search engine that doesn’t track you and keeps your searches private, such as DuckDuckGo. Your personal information isn’t collected or shared with anybody – it doesn’t even log your IP address or use cookies to begin with!
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