Shivam Sinha
Creative Coder,
& Thinker.

Currently a Designer
at Work&Co

Motion Self Portrait,
Motion, 2019

An Animated Geometric Abstraction — A purposefully ambiguous, animated Self Portrait, depicting the life of continuous relocation, adaption, and more.

Made under the guidance of Shira Inbar

01 — Inspiration:

The main inspiration for this motion piece was from flat and geometric motion graphics. More specifically, I was inspired by Apple's Wonderful Tools animation as well as Made in California animation. They both captured the simplicity and elegance I was looking to create with my self portrait motion.

02 — Storyboard and Stills:

I made several storyboards, experiementing with ideas of transparency and blurring shapes. I eventually ended up using a square to represent me, in a world of other shapes and sizes.

Select frames from the final animation. Watch it below.

03 — Final Animation:

The final animation was the culmination of these different ideas, representing me in different (hectic) environments, along with music that was layered with the cacaphonies of New York City.

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