Articulate is a mobile app designed to help you articulate your thoughts better and more professionally. Aimed at people who have trouble articulating professional responses, especially under stress or frustration, Articulate is designed to be quick, efficient and pragmatic. Using advance AI, Articulate understands your ramblings, crafting cohesive and coherent responses that can be quickly edited by swiping yes or no to simple questions recommended by the AI.

Ramble your thoughts —

When you're stuck and distressed, quickly launch the app and ramble your thoughts in a new template. Articulate uses advanced AI to understand your thoughts, automatically seperating relevant information, and coherently forming a readable template for you to work with.

Preview Changes —

Before editing your newly generated template, Articulate offers a preview into the changes it is recommending. This, at a quick glance, enables the user to understand the upcoming areas to focus on the template.

Understand the Recommended Changes —

Apart from offering a preview of the changes, Articulate also offers in-depth reasoning into why it's recommending a certain change in text. This is crucial for the user as it helps them understand the consequences of their language, offering more insight into linguistics and psychology of the modern texter.

Swipe to make Changes —

Once the user is once previewing and understanding the changes Articulate is recommending, using the app is as simple as swiping 'yes' or 'no' to the questions Articulate poses, giving the ultimate decision making power to the user.

Quickly share crafted responses —

Once the template is generated to the user's satisfaction, Articulate then offers quick shortcuts to replying with the crafted response into their app of choice.

View and use previous templates —

The user can also easily view previous template they've made, linking them to existing phone contacts, and allowing for tracking of communication and trends with the selected contact.